Woodborer pest control

Best Woodborer Pest Control Services In Jaipur

Best Woodborer Pest Control Services In Jaipur

These are found where the furniture is made up of wood also called “Powder post”, they destroy the furniture. To eliminate the woodborer from your house you can approach us our team will treat your problem in best way. Wood borer include various beetles including Auger, Stag, Jewel and Pinhole Borers. These Borer cause many problems they feed on dying, burned, dead trees or living but don’t harm harvested lumbers.

Materials that are infested by Wood Borer…..

Wood-boring insects which attack reaped wood in constructions can hurt almost any wood product. These may contain crates, shipping carts or wooden pallets; kindling and household timber substances such as portrait frames, brush handles, cane and bamboo products, bamboo baskets as well as furniture, imprinted wooden art stuffs, wooden artifacts, ornamental driftwood, wooden fittings, and wood cladding.

Key Features...

  • Actual technique of borer treatment
  • Non-toxic to individuals and animals